Photographs are an important part of today’s world. They help us to preserve memories, help to spread our joy, but they are also an important marketing tool for presenting a company or products.

Discover the charm of professional photos through our studio and share your joy with your customers or loved ones thanks to quality photos.


weddings and events

Weddings, proms, family celebrations … our team will be happy to help you create quality memories of your day, so you could share them with your loved ones without any problems and with pride.

In addition, thanks to the fact that at Verteco we also offer various graphic, print or production services, we can help you plan your day down to the last detail. Whether it’s wedding invitations and name tags, graduation boards, video production – we will be happy to help and advise you in everything.

corporate photos

Important part of many marketing campaigns is the visualization of the company. Through photos, you can connect to the customer a lot easier and faster. Present your company through quality photos created by a professional eye.

We offer and provide various types of photographs according to your needs – panoramic, teams, model situations, etc., or additional graphic processing of photographs, so that you can use them for various purposes in the future.


business portrait

Do you need a personal portrait for your business portfolio, website or for publication in the media? At Verteco, we will help you shine even if the camera is not your best friend.

We offer our services in the field of individual business portraits as well as team photographs. We provide all the necessary photography, only thing we’ll require from you is your smile.


The sale of products is based on the visual presentation of the product to the customer. Product photography is one of the first things that customers notice and therefore they definitely need to be able to interest customer.

At verteco, we will be happy to help you create high-quality and original photos of your products for your e-shop, product catalog or for other marketing purposes.


professional and high quality

production technology

When taking photos, we use professional technology to guarantee you great photo quality.

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