3d modelling

The interior of the room can affect person’s mood in a matter of seconds. Therefore, give your workspace a charming and practical look, so that your business partners or employees can feel comfortable while working with you.


When reconstructing interiors, we use 3D visualization technology so that our clients can easily imagine all possible changes or object placements in the room.

3d vizual interier screenshot
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canteen reconstruction


During our services in interior reconstruction we also try to add customized company branding to the design of rooms.

matador video verteco
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Matador entrance hall

exterior or exhibition

In addition to interiors, we also create designs for outdoor company premises or stands for expositions.

3d vizuál exterior
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atrium reclamation

are you interested?

In that case, be sure to contact us.

We will be happy to go through all the solutions with you and help you transform your rooms into a unique design according to your wishes.

3D visual of the reconstructed rooms

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