social media management

Special care for your social media in order to attrack new and loyal customers. 

Thoughtful posts

In today’s online world, social networks offer vast advertising opportunities for any business. Many of our customers don’t even realize how quickly and effectively they can attract new and loyal customers using social advertising. 

Appealing content

Social networks require proper care so that your customers can interact with you on a daily basis and keep up to date with your news and promotions. Let our team at Verteco, create enticing regular content that will appeal to both – you and your customers.

Targeted online advertising

Thanks to Verteco, your online advertising will be taken care of. We will take care of its visual concept, map the online spaces, do the necessary research and analysis, professionally target it for your customers … and this is just the beginning.  

How does the creation process work?

icon analysis

selection of target

We’ll use all available analytics tools for selection of target group.

icon search

online mapping

We’ll start “hunt” on online portals and medias, used the most by the targeted groups.

icon search online

securing platforms

We’ll choose and secure places on all chosen online platforms.

icon report

graphic realisation

We’ll create thematically interactive graphics, posts contents or videos for all your social media.

icon check

specification of the target group

We’ll target our focus  mostly on people, that are close or interested in similar products and services.

icon laptop

targeted marketing

Adverts are going to be shown to targeted groups in their digital space.

icon files

social media mangement

We can help you manage your social networks so that your customers or clients are always satisfied. 

What helps to make

online campaign more successful?

1) online platforms

Correctly “put together” online campaign

You need to lead your customer step by step, preferably through individual points, to have it explained gradually and easily. If your website is not made logically or technically well, you risk up to as 72% exit rate from your website or social profile – don’t lose your client so easily! Neuromarketing has revealed the behavior of users on the web, its knowledge needs to be used. Plus, can your website collect data about peoples behavior on your pages? Our Verteco website can do all of this. Find out more here.

Design and creation of an e-shop

2) Company video

It definitely helps to represent spread words about your company through dynamic video.

If your cliets see, that your company is real and you really have all you try to represent, you will earn their trust and help them to choose your comapny quicker. Also, it can help them to visualize cooperation processes. Or maybe they can find another field, that they are interested in and your company is good at. Video viewing rate is way much higher then when reading text. Of course, some rules have to applied – such as video lenght. Optimal lenght is 60 to 150 seconds, where you have to sell your comapany as best as you can. Not sure?We can do it for you – get video from Verteco. More information here.

3) social network management

Creating representative profiles on social networks

This is not just a game for young people anymore, its a neceserity for all companies. Almost everybody nowdays uses social networks and their first step is to look up your company and get a first impression. That’s why our graphics will do everything to make your companys profile be worth looking for.

social media management
design of print and online catalog

4) world of emails

send or submit a nice brochure

Send well-designed emails to your clients where the content is tailored to your needs and the visuals delight your customers. With lots of competing emails, it’s important to stand out and engage the customer so that your emails don’t get lost in the client’s email list. 

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